Services that increase organic search engine ranking are S.E.O. Organic search ranking refers to non-paid listings on search engines. There are 2 main types of S.E.O. are On-Site and Off-Site optimization. We offer both.

We offer no guarantees in ranking levels. No one can guarantee specific search engine ranking results. We are offering a proven method of getting your website “noticed”, by all the major search engines. Our methods have boosted the organic listing levels of all clients we have worked with.


On-Site Optimization
On-Site Optimization are things that are done on your website. This consists of keyword placement, meta-tags, title tags, page content, and content linking.  Implementation differs between platforms the website is built on, keyword competition, and overall size of the website.

Off-Site Optimization
Off-Site Optimization refers to any activity that drives traffic to your site from outside sources.  It has become a critical component in organic search engine optimization. This includes Adword campaigns, Link swapping, and Directory listing.  We have developed a systematic approach to accomplish very strong results which move websites up the search engine ranking systems.  We do this avoiding the use of Adwords or Pay Per Click campaigns.

Our Approach
1 – We conduct a keyword analysis of your specific industry or business segment, and give very specific set of keyword or keyword phrases that we target.
2 – We make sure that your website is optimized to make those specific keywords viable.
3 – We use subscription software specifically designed to locate listing opportunities that are specific to your business or industry – based of the keyword analysis.
4 – We create an individual listing for your site on all of the listing opportunities and validate each listing.
5 – We provide a report for every validated listing.
6 – We setup google analytics to monitor site traffic.

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