Bowel & Bladder Issues

My digestive system issues continue to exist. We have yet to determine the cause. We’ve gone through tests and I’ve tried to narrow down what food or drink bothers my system and we still have not figured out the root. Kristi has recently noticed halitosis. Having been to the dentist recently I believe my oral condition is healthy. Could my digestive issues be causing this?  Have we checked for H pylori?


Some times, as I’ve reported, I’ve had discomfort standing while urinating. I believe that most of my discomfort is bowel related rather than bladder though some of the most intense discomfort comes in my lower center abdomen. It makes me wonder if the discomfort is bladder or digestive. I have had times in the past two years when my digestive system was normal without pain, and with good bowel movements. But, for the majority of the past two years I’ve had varying stools that are loose or very small bowel movements. I’ve also experienced constipation twice in the past 8 weeks. Throughout I’ve continued to have lower center abdomen pain or discomfort.

Preventative Measures

I take probiotics and digestive enzymes. I have cut down on drinking alcohol. I have limited red meat. Doing these thing does not seem to change my difficulties. As you know I exercise regularly. I don’t stress too much and I have a positive outlook on my health and life. I say that believing mental outlook plays a roll in overall health.

Tests and Diet

So far I’ve had blood, urine, and stool tests (I travel to Mexico 2-3 times per year, was in China in fall 2013 — I’m assuming parasites were included in the stool tests) with no evidence of what might be the cause of my symptoms. I’ve visited the urologist with nothing conclusive there.

The fact that I’ve been in pain compounded by offensive breath really gives me the impetus to find out what’s wrong with my digestion.  I appreciate your time and continuing efforts to assist me in achieving a healthy digestive and/or urinary system.

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