Elk Road Pocatello Idaho

1 – I have fond memories of living up Elk Road in the house my mom and dad designed and built. I liked that my mother’s dream of building a home came true though it was just 3 years before she died in that dream house. I had an awesome room with built in furniture.

2 – I liked my friend Doug who lived here. I always felt comfortable around his parents even though they were quite different than my parents. I knew they had a lot of love in their home like my family did.

3 – This was the shortcut trail that I took often. That trail was in my dreams long after we lived there. There was a woman coach that lived at the house where the road splits that didn’t like me using the path. I was a kid and knew she couldn’t stop me.

4 – Jenny Tullis lived very close to this spot at the fork in the road. She and I would sit under a tree and talk there. We also played our musical insturments. I had a clarinet and she had a flute. I liked that Jenny paid atttention to me. She was pretty and a year older than me.

5 – This was a perfect flat stretch of road that we could take the gutless gocart-trike up and down and get going pretty fast for that funky thing. I was always afraid of the very hot cintrifical force clutch on that 2.5 HP motor.

6 – A bachelor salesman named John Rolfe lived here. I took care of his dog when he was away which was often. His A frame house was cool. He had an excellent porn stash and that was one of the best perks of taking care of sparky the german shorthair.

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